The ever-bejeweled, oft-cruel internet

  • harbors thoughts, dreams, ideas. Divided into sectors, and haunted by the ghosts in the machine, great minds labor on. It is my wish to be known among these sectors, in this vast new Forum that has sprung up in the current generation, one guaranteed to last the millennia. My literature is a raging torrent in a parched desert. The power of it should leave its mark.
  •       All kinds of literature are absorbed within these screens. The screens act as mirrors of your desires and fears and hopes. Varnished walls, brought low over time from a mirrored ceiling, display dusty footsteps in chrome floors webbed with marble jagged designs.
  •       My name is Xwarper, and I am an iconoclast. I am also something of a professor of human nature, and a driven observer of the Earth. From my perch on this ornate art-mural, I follow those approaching with their varied intentions. It is my keen hope that your intention is to treat this website as a great book with many parts. The legends of the past have provided clues as to how a proper website should be run, although they never had the flexibility, color, or excitement of the electronic medium.
  • is a dream I’ve always had. Broken into shards, it is a tool, painting, or magic carpet to fly away on. There’s room for both of us on this ride. If you have any ideas, I would be happy to see them added to the bottom of any screen I’ve written. Click on «leave a reply». Be specific about what you like, or don’t like, or hope to see in later issues. It’s yours to change.

~/ Xwarper