You can’t make ordinary people

  • who don’t really care . . . say things like “racism is bad” or “let’s feel bad for the homeless people” (or the Volk is Supreme, or Communism will be Built in Our Time, or the E-meter Will Give Us Volcano-Type Cures) unless you control the TV. Before TV, the newspaper was a shoddy tool for mindfucking. The radio was better, but still too reliant on imagination. You ideally — then and now and forever — wanted something shoved in their face where you can’t ignore it, again and again. And you want the brainwashed TV audience to want it, commercials and all.
  •       TV is mesmerizing. There’s no denying it. A boring book, put to the electronic screen, becomes immediately interesting. Two people arguing dramatically on screen are great; put on cop uniforms, even better; and being gay — suddenly! when did that happen? the 1990s? — that doesn’t detract too much because TV — is — Powerful.
  •       You need everyone to have a TV before it can achieve its full and maximal effect. Corporations must offer tacit, implicit support through their advertisements, saying in effect, almost silently, We agree with this TV message — the gay characters, the mockery of the Deep South, the exultation of the negro male and female. Nothing else matters but this.
  •       The TV makes it possible. Control the writers, the original mindfuckers who spin the stories we follow along to. We wait for the commercials to end so we can get on with it. Meanwhile, our multivibrant poisonous world, run by the Cohens and the Goldbergs, marches on.
  •       Mel Gibson was put in the penalty box of Hollywood for ranting against the Jews. But, not to put too fine a point on it, they really do control large segments of Hollywood. It’s an easy, lucrative, pleasurable job. Who wouldn’t want to be an executive in such a business? Big-nosed Tori Spelling tried out for the front of the camera, but her kind is really much better networking in the synagogue and the accounting room.
  •       When TV is synchronized to a single beam, shooting from house to house to house, it has an accretive effect, akin to the buildup of heat in a house where the heating vents have been blasting warm air for too long. TV raises the emotional temperature of a city or nation. When Rodney King was beaten by L.A. cops, all the negroes of Compton and Watts rose up at the excuse to loot. Their grievances were flagged and legimitized by raw news footage with (again) implicit commentary, by the liberals, by the grave talking head anchors, and perhaps most damningly, and hotheadedly, by the corporate-whisperers themselves.
  •       The TV four networks and the cable pygmies march in lockstep to a liberal beat, but any Nazi culture would do the same, as would a Scientology regime in charge of the Florida-based theocracy now beaming to the hypothetical world. A Scientology TV image mountain of still photos would fall over our eyes until we were blinded to everything but the truth of sci-fi purveyor L. Ron Hubbard’s truth. In his dying days, he stumbled, Our Ron. But in the end he was redeemed — through television, and Our laugh track.
  •       TV’s soft dictatorship works hand-in-glove with the glamour of movies, and the intellectual sheen of the big papers (not the Hoboken Hobo Today, but the NY Times, the Wash Post, a few others.) Everything is liberal, watch your Caucasian heritage get washed away. Who cares. Buy another Tide box. It’s in the extra-perishable box for environmental-friendliness.
  •       Domination is always best when it’s done: (a) in synchronicity; (b) relentlessly over a course of time.
  •       The TV used to sign off at night for the national anthem. Now, it never ends. It’s like a bad Bee Gees concert set to the high-pitched complaining of liberal nattering. But would the moral helldamners on the other side of the political equation be any better on the question? (“Smaller government, morality, morality, pray, less taxes, more praying, watch the new TV show: Life In A Tax-Free Church, Praying On The Mean Streets of Tulsa).
  •       With men like Fred Coe shepherding TV for New York broadcast biz, new ground was broken in intelligent TV-plays. But soon it all became yellow-newspaper style propaganda and mindblitzing. By the 1960s the liberals were in full charge of the new color TV revolution, and the Ted Kennedy pinko traitor was opening the floodgates to the shitskin nonwhites of the world. And look where we are now. The white majority of America (and Canada) are about to become a white minority. Feel comfortable in this Brave New Future? Maybe Mustapha Mond can show us a way to decant Alpha white babies in artificial wombs to serve the mountain of foreigners in our newly alien and totally unforgiving land. Everywhere you look, a strange face, every crowd you peek, sheeple to wolf, an unattainable and undeniable shove to your social consciousness, no matter what is going on.
  •       And that’s all thanks to TV. Do you want to know how America went from 90% white to 2040’s 40% white? It’s because an unplanned conspiracy walked through the daisies of laff-track dreams and cop bang-bangs to tell you what to think — and because you thought all your neighbors bought it, because of TV conformity, and then you may have bought it too.

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