• I Xwarper am going to Epic Books on Locke Street to listen to a poet and storyteller, Robert Oldham, if memory serves.
  •       The truth is, I just glanced at a barber shop window and saw a delicately worded little ad, a square within a rectangle, and King St. opened up to new vistas for me.
  •       Oldham has a book called Into the Hedge and it should be interesting. (I will, of course, hand him a page of my own superior ad, which links to this website. Who knows? Perhaps we will become best of friends.)
  •       With the decline of manufacturing (a decline which will be reversed in the 2020s) in the Hamilton — SpiderwebX — area, a slight renaissance, similar to Pittsburg’s, has arisen in Canada’s steel city. Really, as my viewers will hear me parrot and harangueingly repeat again and again, Hamilton is the south sector of MegaToronto. (UtopiaX.) This is MegaToronto, always shall be MegaToronto, and always will retain the past. When the pyramids and London Parliaments of the world are moved here for safekeeping in preparation for the razing of the world, Hamilton will still stand, a dignified shard of the past, combining freemasonry excellence with working-class man stupidity.
  •       The popping-up of ads like Oldham’s illustrates that Hamilton contains possibilities, too. This is not Dipshit, Saskatchewan. It is a real, self-contained city that only needs to be more integrated into the Greater Metropolis Area. Although MegaChicago is cursed by a large population of negroes, MegaToronto, and particularly Toronto, remains white enough to do things. Indeed, after the displacement of nonwhites in MegaToronto in some hypothetical future, an inrush of whites from around the world can come make this a Caucasian city shining and deep.
  •       A note on Oldham. I find it interesting that I am going to give this website to him. Poets are notoriously left-wing and bleeding heart. A lot of poetry is like milk soaked into a superthin sheet of paper, bending in the hand, no strength, no steel. I suspect Oldham will be the same, but he might not. It is the same as when I approach women. They will probably be 98% probability garbage, but there a few tolerable ones out there.
  •       Since I’m naming names, one woman who interests me is Tanya Hamilton. She busks, probably, or at least has a singing video on YouTube. Not so exceptional for a girl. But this 20ish female with tragically short hair (we’ll have to remedy that, Tanya Dear) also does comedy. Do you realize how extraordinary that is? In the heart of Downtown Toronto, the opposite polarity to future Uptown Toronto, she stands currently on the stage in the Comedy Bar on Bloor Street, attempting to pretend she’s funny. Smacked in the face again and again, she keeps trying, and is at least a little clever to minimally delude herself that she deserves to be up there. When I was changing the city of Downtown Toronto — and probably on a vastly larger scale — with my touch, I ran into her outside Eaton Centre and commented she had a “sexy vibe.” She told me she was a comedian and she was Tanya and off to work — easy to find her on the Net, obviously, as she planned. I was wearing my pink pants and had striking long hair, beautiful as always, a glorious male (and an intellectual, to boot!). I asked cock-sucking (mine) Tanya how girls all knew to cooperate. They talk, Tanya said, then got scared away but not before defying The Order — The Female Entity — Big Woman — and telling me how to find her ass. Ah, those chicks. Always trying to fulfill their biological imperatives, even more than men do.
  •       Back in Hamilton Core, I sit in iKlick and write this piece about the city I live in and which I will wrap the future around. The cursed Hamilton Central Library is closed down for “professional development.” Free, taxpayer-supported donuts and bagels, and — of course — coffee. The scum of the CUPE public sector working world. Robert Oldham works his ass off for probable failure, and the librarians — mostly, loathesomely, female — enjoy the sun in Hamilton, making their exorbitant paychecks, doing nothing.
  •       As a final note to this piece, if you would like to write your own words for permanent storage on the website, scroll down to the LEAVE A REPLY box, click on, and type in what you want to say. This is a great way to build a community virtually in Hamilton. You talk, someone else talks, we’ll have a running stream of dialogue. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet your Robert Oldham in your own life, whoever that variant of him may turn out to be.

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