3000 B.C.-150 B.C.-350 A.D.-850 A.D.-1350 A.D.-1750 A.D.-2025 A.D.

The Seventh and Future-Bound

  • era of the human continuum, flaring like a solar flare in particular from 2031-2037 A.D., sees the massive shift in social and economic gravity of UtopiaX City (“Toronto/GTA/the Golden Horseshoe”) from Downtown Toronto to “Uptown Toronto”, an essentially new settlement located 45 minutes south of Downtown Toronto in current Hamilton, Ontario. Also known as SpiderwebX.
  •       The core of SpiderwebX will be Spiderweb Center, stretching from the abyss-crossing highway bridge just before Westdale/McMaster University Region in the west, all the way to the First Place skyscraper currently at King and Wellington where the metal “Hamilton Downtown” arch filigreex stands.
  •       But the future? Especially by the mid-2030s?
  •       Research and scientific installations become common in SpiderwebX (Hamilton-Burlington region of UtopiaX/Greater Toronto)  in the Chedoke/Ham and Tyandaga/Burl neighborhoods. The large pyramids housing manufacturing centers are scattered in a mix with the Klusters of 4- and 6- skyscrapers of Spiderweb Center/Uptown Toronto. (These pyramids are mirrored in DystopiaX City in New Zealand with smaller ones; functions to remain secret).
  •       The corporate motto “On The Edge Of Utopia” becomes literally true as advances in social dynamics result in lordlings, True Lords and the Special Lord gaining greater hold over the chaotic landscape we see in various technological regions today. The massive recruitment policy within FamilyFour territories is accommodated by a widespread building program in all four cardinal directions of UtopiaX. 8Kake Corporation owns the majority of property in UtopiaX, but does not bother with small plots that are overpriced in extortionate bids to demand more money from 8Kake. Because of its influence, these plots never get permission to redevelop anyway, leaving all growth in the 8.K.’s hands.
  •       The Global Corporate Headquarters of 8Kake arises neighboring the CIBC bank building (one of the few institutions to remain in outside hands). Its incredibly brilliant logo, two diamonds, mirror image K’s, three dots and a stylized “A”, shine down from this mammoth building, tallest in the world. Although situated at a wide base, its height makes it appear narrower than it is. Down below, a new parallel road to the former King Street (renamed Xwarper Vektor) will perform appropriately.
  •       Although gravity shifts from Downtown Toronto to Uptown/Utopia, the redevelopment of Union Station on Front Street into a massive arcology, the hoi polloi center of Greater Toronto/MegaToronto, causes all rails and roads to lead to Downtown Toronto. Uptown Toronto becomes known for luxury and power; Downtown Toronto is a second-tier city for the masses and coloreds who cannot compete in the all-white, all-elite world of the south.
  •       With fame machinery in full gear, the most attractive Caucasian girls come from around the world move here in Canada to meet alpha males and seek fame and approval. This in itself generates a feedback loop where guys follow the crumbs, much the way dance clubs have free ladies’ nights to lure the money-spending guys. Only in this case, the females will get no exemptions, and the price will be high.
  •       Socially, Xwarper will be famous, strong and rich. His novels, freely distributed and immensely popular, will only complement his singing career and religious teachings. These will be discussed in other posts.
  •       The conclusive shift in gravity will benefit Ontario and the North American Engine of the World Economy. Uptown Toronto a.k.a Utopia Core will become the waystation for all FamilyFour corporations, in some ways surpassing their own home city headquarterses. When pampered executives go to the former Farmer’s Market in the former Jackson Square (now owned by 8.K.) they will pass by designated sections speaking French, German, Russian, Portuguese, et cetera. The entire mall, naturally, will become a full-service, totally luxe domain. The irony of former cheapo outlets turning into diamond and caviar palaces will not be lost on its proprietor.
  •       The blue X will shine everywhere.

~/ Xwarper