Because so much of . . .

  • the modern world is based around the office (chatting around the water cooler is a legendary-level image of the modern world; the Dilbert business office comic ranks #1 across the world), I’ve decided to start a Workplace/Office Supertheme at the Warp Station. Minus a brief stint in a Kitchener, Ont., factory breaking my back catching lubricated metal disks shooting from a machine, I’ve spent most of my working life in stereotypical offices, hunched over computer keyboards, or elbow-leaning next to curly-cabled phones on the line with someone else. I don’t like offices; I get the creeps thinking of them; but one must now allow these impressions to keep us from facing unpleasant reality squarely.
  •       The office is where Japan comes to North America. Conformity is absolute, and a fake smile (next to the Jap bow) is de rigeur. We can no more be our true selves at the office than we can go to a football game and dump an ice cooler of Gatorade over the heads of the visitor team. It is our trap — our destiny — to be suckers for the machine paperized rhythm.
  •       The office is a curious mix of efficiency and self-made barriers. Since an element of creativity is often a part of it (sure, a minor part, but there) it would make sense to encourage — if not innovation — then some form of real thinking. But the office is the root word for “bureaucracy” and even money-seeking corporations fall prey to such bureaucratic thinking. Think: the office where someone conjures up a way to streamline procedures, but because “it’s always been done that way,” it never gets adopted and he may even get in trouble for bucking the boat.
  •       In addition, the presence of so many women is abnormal to say the least. Women are catty, sociable, prone to dozens of home emergencies that call them away, and menstrual five days a week every month. They enjoy the office, but inevitably will seek to “make them more progressive and human [contempt]” by bringing their infants to them, by feminizing them to the maximize extent and — if they can — to engage in a delightful real-life soap opera where men up-talk and person-reference like them (see any soap opera, the man bizarrely chatting like: “I talked to Sam who heard from Diane that Marsha said that I was going to be more emotional with you.” It’s men as women would like them to be.)
  •       Due to the unholy alliance between white male liberals and bitches, starting in the 1800s in England, this culture has become so feminized that even conservative Christian churches (I am not Christian) pay homage to that fetid joint ideology. The men provide the ideology and the means to the manipulate the System, and the women provide the left-of-center votes and the at-home browbeating of their husband. Instead of men getting women’s family money from marriage, reality is turned on its head and women get 50% of what men earned in legalized divorce theft.
  •       The office perpetuates this with largely female H.R. departments talking about “sexual harassment” and other such bullshit. (There is an SNL video skit where the uncharismatic man is the harasser, but the cute bastard grabs the chick’s tits and doesn’t get in trouble at all, a true reflection of the situation — I should know since I am that cute renegade bastard.)
  •       Men compete with men for baseless promotions. The worst of this is perpetuated in the upper ranks of management, where the struggle for dominance would be more suited in the ancient mists of the past, with Pompeius struggling with men like Sulla for control of the Senate and disposal of their rivals. To become CEO requires the kissing of the ring of the New Liberal Order and the vast importation of unsuitable or downright net-negative negroes and sundry other undesirables. This salad mix of the potato skins and potato-brained (pakis and Oprah-rerun-watching chicks) cannot help but deflate what should at least be a robust high tensile surface of white man’s natural office effectiveness. The potato skins are prone to get emotional and form cliques to advance their tribal cause, and the potato-brained are gonna always cozy up to seduce the one alpha to fill their barren wombs and miserable no-man lives (one office I was at my female boss who hired me tried to get me to marry her, with the connivance of her fellow female underlings — the most absurd and revolting proposition ever; it is a testimony to my fake smiling acting ability and my office demeanor that they actually bought it and that they hired me for my sexiness in addition to my ability in the first place; unlike females, at least I have ability in addition to great looks; as a male, I have to).
  •       And that’s it, isn’t it? A young bitch with D cup tits gets to cruise by with limited abilities. One office I worked at in Kitchener, they disposed of an older chick to bring in the titty-titty-pretty who quit soon after getting hired. No man can get away on just his prettiness. If only! I would be king in such a world.
  •       The blonde bimbo who ran Yahoo — and failed — would have resorted exclusively to the advice of upper management men to make decisions. Like all women, with no higher cognitive thinking power, she has to look wise and stroke her chin … and then defer totally to given advice. This applies to Queen Elizabeth I or CEO High Tits Minus Glass Ceiling The Second.
  •       All this goes to explain how a company run by a 20-year-old boy can beat a major corporation in an incredibly intellectually demanding field like computer science with trillions in long-term revenues at stake, when chick-run corporations and smiling-gladhanding-politician-men fail to notice the sun rising over the fields. A new day is dawning, and Microsoft, Google, Apple are there to pillage and destroy.
  •       The saving merit of capitalism is that barriers to entry are so low that — despite the tremendous incumbent advantages enjoyed by old men and disgusting hawk-faced chicks — a real competitor can still come along and kick ass.
  •       In the future, let’s hope we see One World under One Great Corporation. Anything would be an improvement under the current mess we’ve got, including some form of Computerized New Management Communism.

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