The entire human race

  • is currently practicing a great self-eugenics experiment, arrayed by the billions. Combining of varying forms and types, within groups of humans and across their lines, is occurring fast. As different geneticists believe, this will in many cases produce a leveling effect. But not always.
  •       The primary feature being selected for is not strength or speed, but intelligence. But it’s more complex than that, because intelligence comes in many forms. It is difficult to separate cultural influences from genetic ones, but if the Oriental form of intelligence is more passive and introspective, and the European form of intelligence is more outgoing and risk-taking, then we can see that outcome-changes for various civilizations. Their genes would spell out their history, and their future history.
  •       And indeed, that is what we have seen on the stage of world history thus far. The Europeans have gone on a 500-year spree around the world, screwing local babes, founding settements and quintupling the size of the “Pale of the West” across the planet, from Australia to Tierra del Fuego, while the other localities have stagnated or been wiped out.
  •       Of course the Pacific is a larger barrier than the Atlantic, but China as a unitary entity had advantages that fractured Europe did not, and even the Japanese might have made a go at it. That it took European technology to see Chinese and Japanese metal ships sailing the globe in the Twenty-First Century strongly suggests they never would have made the breakthrough without prior guidance — the superior white gene speaking to the yellow.
  •       To be open-minded about it, though, who’s to say which forms of intelligence are most adapted in specific situations?
  •       It is possible that even failure-groups like the Africans have, perhaps in small localized areas, forms of intelligence that are superior on some counts to the general global norm. If aggression is a good trait (yes, of course) then the jungle dweller may have maximized ability to do warfare in a reasonably coordinated fashion. History shows the sweeping waves of Zulus across Africa to demonstrate a combination of black aggression and social coordination. But none of this compares to the whites and their Age of Exploration (and Rape and Exploitation, which is a greater good).
  •       Mostly interestingly, we can see sexuality and human birthing reflecting the influence of intelligence on selection. Intelligence in whom women choose to open their legs to, and intelligence in which men breed the most. Theoretically, the best breeder would be the player, the seducer, the ladies’ man — the pick-up artist (PUA).
  •       The non-Pick-Up Artists lament that women do not seem to choose for intelligence, or not much. In one Internet test for male Sexual Market Value, high intelligence is discounted. But I think the highest form of intelligence is social, and women accurately recognize for that. For women — the blabbing gender — being social means nothing, since it’s common as water among them. But a social man has done something great, learning to be as verbose as them (but in a charming way, unlike all the boring, monotonously streaming women) and in a powerfully charismatic way. Game (player’s techniques) you could argue is selecting for intelligence. And should be encouraged for among future generations.
  •       In conclusion, I think the world is heading toward a possible evolution of Game-expert (super-social and ballsy and Dark Triad) men, with a leadership pyramid reflecting this, and with the cripplingly shy and the beta ceding ground to those who can overmaster women, the gatekeepers of social conservatism and stasis.

~/ Xwarper