Sex is supposed to be . . .

  • embarrassing to talk about, but I really like some pornography, I see things in it others seem not to. I have the right attitude to it, I think: I only occasionally dabble, but when I do I always find something new and absorbing and pleasurable, even on a superficial level. But often there’s things going on beyond the superficial, and not just in the amateur vids.
  •       Recently, on xvideos, I found a pro whore named Lil Candy. She is sensational! — flat-chested, feminine, tiny-voiced, with a pussy that is somehow better than most. She just seems like all girl, and very demure and yet — although I know the social forces among womankind that shove certain loser-girls into porn (yes, women cause women to suffer) — I reap the benefit by enjoying her performance. Watching her lay with near-silent subtle enjoyment in a spiritual sense as she’s being plowed is like watching a little flower toss gently in an erratic, and unpredictable wind. She doesn’t like it, but she does, and unlike most men I favor that combo.
  •       The immense twisting emotionally that goes on within women as they engage in sex with strange men who abuse them is fascinating. These girls do NOT want to be there, but they have to. Briefly: some women climb high to achieve power among their own kind, but trip up, becoming too abusive to normal girls who are powerless to resist, and a conclave of other bitches mind-fucks the striver into being a slut, a prostitute or an X-rated actress-hooker. Reread that five times fast if you didn’t get it the first time.
  •       So Lil Candy was someone who tried to be something dominant and special among women, and now she’s licking dick. Should I feel bad about this? *chuckling lightly* Su-uuu-re. You think ordinary women pity her? They’re thinking, Yeah! Bitch got what she deserved. Now she’s finally off my back.
  •       Of course, all women hide their true natures and their true informal organization from men. They’re also telepathic, did you know that? Jeez, I wonder why they never told us men about that. (It’s a low-grade form of telepathy, but still … something more we men don’t have.)
  •       *waving hand away dismissively* But I don’t want to talk about that. A crude transference of thoughts mostly by the dominant vaginal thought-leaders is of little interest to me. My own orgasms are much more concerning to me.
  •       One of the things I like to see on screen is “oral creampies” where the men unloads a massive (visually hidden) stream of jets of come into her mouth, and then it dribbles out afterward. Kinda like a full house beats three aces, female mouth beats her vagina, every time. The thing about the vagina is this: although the source of pleasure in real sex, on the screen it looks kinda weird and shitty. Also, in a subtextual subconscious sense, knowing it gushes the most disgusting shit for a time every month, associated with the cunt-flappy image, makes a vagina a mixed bag to be sure.
  •       But the female face, when pretty, is always reasonably attractive and “pure” — and having male orgasm signs — come — sipping out of it is awesome. Never get tired of that.
  •       I have a beef to pick with the pussy creampie. Many of the guys stroke off inside the pussy, which is shitty. Even when they don’t, they tend to pull out far and come near the entrance to the sugar walls. It detracts from the fact. You want him buried sword-deep in the love canyon, pulling out, and if possible, an immediate white geyster following him. The physical properties of cum unfortunately make this difficult, and a lot of guys don’t seem to have built up much major loads before they orgasm.
  •       Back to Lil Candy. She’s stuck, forced by her “sisters” to enjoy debasing herself but also to hate the men and her situation. Some porn chicks enjoy what they’re doing more than others, or even better, they’re twisted and conflicted and clearly drawn into a forbidden world they can’t control but in a way don’t want to stop. I like girls darting their eyes around while they go down on a guy, or a girl sitting on a man’s lap and her face showing a priceless expression of near-confusion and sexualized shock. Straight-out girl pleasure and squirting is good too. But remember: none of these women would ever choose to be there, in a different world. In a different world, they would be queens-shit, bossing around other girls, but they got caught.
  •       It’s funny how women approach power. Never using their fists (they’ll punch men, sure, because they know 95% of the time they can act out like little weakling brats who would otherwise be crushed, but social nets shield them), they fight with their minds for a freedom from the Group Pyramid — Big Woman. Big Woman demands a total uniformity and slavish obedience from all individual women (what they call “cooperation”) in their fight to oppress men, through individual relationships and as groups of women. It’s funny: there was once a group of men brought in to look a woman in the eye and read out viscious tweets by men who hated female sportscasters. The men had great trouble looking her in the eye. They felt terrible and awkward. This is the male mind at work — forced into shame at confronting women, while women are free to punch men at leisure. In woman’s mind, there’s no contradiction between being a woman and being violent against a man-thing. To all women, all men are things. Nothing more, nothing less.
  •       I find the male-woman worldview split interesting. From the male standpoint, women are weak, uncreative, shallow, pathetic half-humans who deserve to be enslaved. (Yes, even male feminists would secretly love to see women reduced to the status of barnyard-animals). To women, they are the only people. Incredible, isn’t it? She looks at you and has to jack up her fake love to have a relationship with you. No shit. She hates her fellow women (they are boring, she knows, they force her to obey, she knows, et cetera et cetera, raise those titty-mountains high in the sky), but they are PEOPLE. She wants a daughter, not a son, and she wants every man to be as much in her mold as possible — she just lacks the willpower and creativity to leverage her gender’s immense power over men.
  •       Well *smiling darkly and leaning forward, elbows crossed*.
  •       Obviously, you can tell by my comments that I’m darkly amused by this world I live in — but also very hateful toward it — and I’m having my idle fun while picking my zits and nose and biding my time. Website’s a great way to go while biding.

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