Here are some unconsignable hints on

female vectoring, conversational lovemaking, and the all-important self-image.


The Symphony (June 20)

  •       The music of love … And the symphony, tuning up in front of the audience, consists of all your game techniques and conversational instruments, from the wind instruments of teasing to the metallic brassy ones of arrogance; while the audience — led there by rumors of prior audiences, all the girls you’ve bed — swoons and waits for the performance to begin. Bed awaits.

Make It Interesting (June 20)

  •       It’s probably smartest to get the girl’s attention in some eye-catching way and make your sexual (cloaked as romantic) interest obvious, rather than chat her up and be indirect. It seems like a shame the amateur has to ruin girls for the professional, with their boring conversation and jerky movements, but on the bright side all that spasming makes clear a real pro when he arrives.
  •       And if a girl shows strong emotion reactions — even shock can be workable, for example if you arrogantly spit a racist line that is just out-there — you have a good platform to work on. Banal conversation is the bane of arousal. Banal conversation is a banana-knife you plunge in your own back, Mr. Ridiculuoso.

Becoming A Sexy Man (June 22)

  •       It takes a certain degree of confidence and self-satisfaction to escape from the Beta Funnel downwards into thirst for women, a thirst that will screw your love life up.
  •       Confidence comes from success in life, and the approval of others, particularly strangers. Self-satisfaction is an honest appraisal about what you like about yourself.
  •       When you combine the two, you have a chance at reaching escape velocity away from Planet Loser.

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