The mysterious ways in which

money and pussy are acquired are headscratching, mmm?


Good-Looking Charming Guys Are Money (July 2)

  •       Think of me, Xwarper, like this: I’m one of those very few guys who are sexy to chicks and fascinating to everyone. If you look at male models, they’re usually dull as bricks. To find a catch like me is like grabbing onto a suit full of thousand-dollar bills, for a girl.

Society’s Great Thinkers: Lil Candy Reads Descartes (June 17)

  •       The intellectual who operates in a leisure vacuum away from the firestorms of ordinary life relies primarily upon the respect of his position. In Ancient Greece, there were plenty of ordinary Joe Slobs sunning themselves on the beach and thinking about pussy and ouzo, while the philosophers worked in the shade, but the philosophers — in a mass media-absent society — were given prime place of culture. Look at Plato, fer God’s sake, he was fed just enough ego-worship from fellow citizens that he wanted himself to take over everything. Is there a philosopher today, no matter how arrogant and vain, who would write the same proposal seriously? Stalin would have him shot, the American Founders would have him exiled (or duel-shot like Alexander Hamilton, the only one who compares). Mass media elevates the rock star, the A-list celeb, and the porn star. Enjoy the days of brilliant ruminations as Lil Candy of xvideos (do a search of her, she’s cute) fellates the team.

60 Years In 6 Lines (June 21)

  •       From 1950-1965 things were stable, then you had a shitstorm from 1965-73, the real “Flower Power” years, then there was a slight interregnum and restoration during the 80’s. My time, which would have been more the 90’s and Oughts, showed the creaking signs of disrepair and breakage. Then the final mass media bombardment, accompanied by perverted poz blowout from all the pipes, was complete by 2010. Salut.

Utopia Now? (June 23)

  •       There is always a small group of forward thinkers who would like to utopianize society. They are struggling against a mass of conformist thinkers who will never allow that to happen — more out of shortsightedness and risk-aversion than malice. The kind of man who would hop on a motorcycle without a helmet and write a long original treatise on his land of birth, is more valuable to the Human Continuum, the flow of events and personalities, than the kind who would agree with everyone at the office, slump back, and surrender to routine.

~/ Xwarper