When a negro “man”

  • steps out of a crowd, holding a crowbar, you know violence is imminent. But in the aftermath, we can ask, was he justified? Is there ever a time a pressured Left-Winger is justified to violence?
  •       From the perspective of the typical White Left-Winger, all his life has been one long, sorry tale of abuse. He walks down his high school corridor, he’s hung up by his suspenders in a cold steel locker. He wants to get a date but he has soft puppy dog eyes and the girl dismisses him with a huff, because he’s not alpha enough. When he wants to help people, they reject his help; when he wants to form a more moral order with himself in charge, they demur.
  •       As he walks through the corridors of life, he is frustrated by everything he sees: (in his view) excessive profiteering, not enough tolerance of nonwhites, a society built on dissension and distrust rather than love. And he is armed with a messianic complex to fix it all.
  •       But what is the Number #1 reason for him to support, say, the vast importation of nonwhites into white lands? Why is he turned traitor? Why does he get so hysterical when immigration restrictions are suggested? It’s not for love of the Other: It’s to cover his own ass and the asses of his children.
  •       When the bullied Left-Winger grows up, he vows to never let it happen to him again. So: Surround the “racist” right-winger by hordes of browns and blacks, and he will attack them before he attacks the Left-Winger. The hysterical Left-Winger, who cannot fight and defend himself, can rest easy, knowing that he is, finally, for the first time in his life, safe and secure. So jack up the immigration nonwhite levels in every country controlled by White Liberals!

~/ Xwarper