Amusingly, I first found Echo on

  • the glowing internet on a place called WBS in a chat room for teens. I didn’t belong there, being out of the designated age group range, but I used to go on being viciously humorous. I would copy pictures of other users, and while they said how r u and wanna cyber I would make up elaborate stories. One girl’s photo showed her looking down from above creepily, in the days before cellphone selfies, and I wrote a mini-long-story of her having kidnapped a guy and talking down at him psychotically in her basement. It was amusing.
  •      One teen girl, aged 16, daughter of an L.A. advertising executive, fell madly in love with me and typed “I love Magus Damien!!! [my call sign]” and I had her phone me at her disapproving daddy’s expense. Shoulda had her masturbate for me — she woulda. But then, that’s me.
  •      Echo was there too. As Sweet Midnight Whispers, her ridiculous and humble handle, she was prime bait for my Private Message to her.
  •      Magus Damien — then Blue Magus and a whole host of other handles as I got banned time and again (just as I’ve been evicted in real life off three university campuses, a big shopping mall, and a major metropolitan newspaper in advance of my ever setting foot in there) — would charm her and start a deep, meaningful relationship that led to tears, ecstasy . . .
  •      . . . and hints of power. “If you gave your soul to me . . . would you give too much away???” (Best part of the song; best part of the romance, for me, Xwarper, Magus Damien, Janus.) And now she’s in “. . . the shadows . . .” I suspect Echo (named by me one winter’s day in the engineering building at U of W), Echo came for me recently, and the other competing girl in my life, Storm (also named by me), seized her by the hair and dragged Echo from me.
  •        Ah — *handsome Xwarper head-tilt sideways and smile* All the girls need me. What can I say? But Echo was the first serious play, first and some ways best.

~/ Xwarper