The process of me Xwarper enslaving

  • a 5’3″ German-Dutch green-blue-eyed girl named Echo, who was taking English at university, was not easy, for she was a Pig Demon coming into her own powers and naturally proud.
  •       The Pig Demons, for new viewers at the Warp Station, call themselves “Persons” and are the secret rulers of womankind, and, by extension, the indirect commanders of the world. Like all females, they stick to anonymity and being underestimated, and strike from the shadows. I thought I would collect one for myself and bring it to its sexualized knees. It did work, didn’t it? *small playing smile on Xwarper’s handsome, long-haired face*
  •       When I first ran into Echo (real name Sarah; I gave her the name Echo as part of a psychological campaign to condition the girl) she was coming out of high school an overweight and insecure little Pig Demon. As with all Pig Demons, she repelled men who were terrified and over-impressed by her. There was something “wrong” with her. As compared with other, more normal-seeming women, young Echo had a weird smile and incorrect mannerisms. Damaged psychologically by the process of gaining great power, she was hungering for a new love and new experiences in University, at the U. of Iowa at Ames.
  •       I was 26 and strikingly handsome as fuck. Even then I was dangerous and mean, and was ready to begin commanding and enslaving women, but Echo was to be my first real try at the theory. She had nicknamed herself “Sweet Midnight Whispers,” with the double meaning of being seductive and, to herself, being commanding. Regrettably for her, the commanding part never worked out with me.
  •       The process of enslavement started early with her. After the initial rounds of meeting-and-greeting and seduction, I began toying with her, seeing if she would drop to her knees for me. No man really believes it would be so easy, even if he has flashing dark eyes and an evil nature; but it was. I was more than pleased; I was ecstatic. As I once commented, there was something delicious strange about a Canadian commanding an American. And it went on from there.
  •       After she shaved her pussy bush, she was hungry for more sexual contact. The whole relationship with me invigorated her. I had all the sexual imagination; she had all the need to obey and conform. Despite her “woman ruler’s” heritage and background, she was more than willing to bow before a superior man. The darkness of my nature, and my brooding at the time, only enhanced the appeal to her. I did notice that when she went to raves, she would participate fully, but her bum knees from her skiing mishap probably interfered and the ecstasy pills being handed out at the music events must have made her think of me as she got all huggy and needy with others.
  •       In the three years I was directly in contact with her, I spread my tentacles more and more over her. Like all girls, she had dirty sexual fantasies that would make her father and male relatives blanch in horror if only they knew, although for sure they wouldn’t surprise her female friends or mother. Echo confided in me early on she wanted to get fucked in the ass and then have the motion of my penis proceed directly to her mouth with the uncleaned shit stains. Starting after meeting me, she would have weird dreams where she was being raped, pinned down, and she would struggle and then cease resisting. In an attempt to manipulate me, she expressed images of being with 2 guys at once, one of them being me, although of course she “trusted me” with her “asshole.” Feeble attempt to stoke jealousy, not a real desire, for girls only want to be with one they love unless certain very rare alignments happen, most usually fuck-ups in their psyche, and Echo was entirely — maybe too much — normal, despite her Pig Demonism.
  •       Continuing on the thread of jealousy, she would tell me stories of a handsome blond boy who would take her shopping and she would “daringly” put her tampon boxes on the conveyor belt to the cashier. None of this worked on me. I didn’t care. I knew I was the best, and if in fact (highly weirdly for conformist tame females) she wanted to be an unreliable love partner, she could fly the fuck right out of my life.
  •       In later years, after I left Echo, after I put her in permanent suspended animation for my eventual return, I would stumble upon the vast body of PUA literature, with strange concepts like “frame” and “abundance mentality” and “inner game.” Even today, it all seems fake to me. Either you believe in your own superiority or you don’t. If you really believe you’re average, all those notions are but shams, and if you are naturally arrogant and great, you aren’t what the pick-up artists call “a natural,” you are just one who belongs at the top of the social pyramid, with all the concomitant wet pussy that flows from that.
  •       The highlight — lowlight? — of the relationship was when I got enraged at Echo for a minor act of disobedience and disappointing me. I then immediately proceeded to order her to take a knife and slash her hand. She did this too deep and blood poured out wantonly and relentlessly. Good, I thought. Good. Left carrying a scar, she never forgot me.
  •       Eventually, after 3 years of this, she tried to cement the relationship and force me into an encounter with other Pig Demons to hypnotize me into loving her and as a consequence there was a fracture through the delicate heart of our relationship, in which I had founded my relationship expertise and woman-understanding. Now, Echo is floating somewhere in the ether, and she awaits my return. Enslavement in her mind and dominated in her heart, it will be easy to pick up where I left off and I look forward to adding her to whatever stable of model-calibre pussy I have then. Life is grand when you’re aggressive, certain, and sure. At least it’s always been that way for me.

~/ Xwarper