From the tall mountains

  • of California, the corporations will save the day. Do you have a movie franchise that’s made a major impact on the culture but will die soon after you do? Be like George Lucas and go shopping to Disney, so Disney stewards can lovingly caress and save your masterpiece for all time — and even build on it.
  •       Is your name Steve Jobs and you want to ensconce your cultural DNA, and your notions, within a lasting company that marches it into the future? Hire a gay man named Tim Cook, and advise him to “do things his own way” . . . . but make sure his way has a hefty DNA insertion of the way you used to do things. And dance beyond the grave as your UFO supersaucer building rises in Cupertino to the applause and plaudits of the municipal city council.
  •       Business can enshrine culture in a way no mere individuals can. Businesses can even outlast nations. If the United States falls, do you think Du Pont chemical of the East Coast is going to cringe and shrink within itself? Du Pont goes back to the very beginnings of the Republic. Back when derby hats were the rage, a Mr. Du Pont was kicking ass and taking names in the stilted dialogue of his age, and indirectly planning for the Du Pont of modern times. (When the founder of Panasonic was on his deathbed, he was mapping out P.’s corporate future 500 years into the future. Sam Walton did the same, looking at same-store figures while fading in the hospital in his last days. It cheered him, and Walmart still stands, and so does Panasonic, and in any reasonable future they will, like Titanic, “go on and on” in the hearts of CEOs and worker-bees everywhere P. and W. live.)
  •       So you can see businesses, that is to say major transnational corporations, have heft and life and spunk.
  •       Power. It’s in the hands of whatever temporary CEO is currently occupying the gilded throne high above the clouds. We are inexorably moving toward a world of 20 or 30 major cities — megaalphaburgs, really — in which all the major corporations will be based. Think Walmart is going to stay based in dipshit, Southern Bentonville, Ark. forever? No. Either Atlanta, future population 20 million, is going to embrace and welcome the move of Big Sunshine Logo to itself, or a new city will arise somewhere on the Tidal Gulf Coast, and Walmart will, more likely, go there. And everyone and everything that tags along on a knotted rope will have eternal immortality along with “In Sam We Trust” ‘s Heaven On Earth.
  •       George Lucas got $4 billion for Star Wars. He joked (or perhaps despairingly mocked) about white slavers of Disney. But he also knew Disney would take Star Wars into the 22nd century and beyond, memorializing and enshrining Darth Vader and the kids the way the Washington and Lincoln Monuments in D.C. enshrine legendary Presidents. And that may not be a far-fetched analogy: Isn’t Darth Vader, and the cautionary tale of the fall of a Republic, a valid marker-lesson for the United States itself, whose labeled “Senate” teases deliberate echoes of the Roman Republic/Empire (foreshadowing the American Republic/Empire) out of the past?
  •       Disneyland will shove aside crap to produce a lot of Star Wars domiciles, sites and intergalactic cantinas. Disneyland is one of the magical places on Earth, perhaps one of the most magical. Therefore, George Lucas has found a place, indirectly and insubstantially but still realityistically, in a place like the future Hall of Legends in Antarctica where I and my men will lay.
  •       It’s good to be king, when Disney’s hand is on your shoulder. Long live the king, and make sure to hand the sceptre to Disney’s board. It knows what to do with it.

~/ Xwarper