Do you hear that fart

  • in the fluttering wind? It’s from a thousand bent-over liberals, asses out, signaling their entire philosophical justification for their dreaded feelz politics and lifestyles. Everything feelz. It’s the bleeding-heart channel: where everything strong and razor-sharp is banned, where ambition is a curse-word, and physical beauty turns in their eyes to ugliness. Their so-feminine dainty liberal eyes . . . Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have a sex-change operation permanent into women, oh girls … I mean, liberal men? I mean, after you’ve finished giving away the world into the hands of actual cunts. And destroying the visual beauty and solidity and cultural landscape of white cultures.


Around The World, Roadblocks (July 5)

  •       Around the world, liberals have seized power, using the police and the laws to protect them — and a bunch of technological devices. These “moral limpwristers,” as I term them are the continued leaders of the world, even when their conservative opposite numbers are briefly in charge. Left-wingers: They never stop ruling, ever. Neat trick, if you can pull it off. ‘Course, it helps to have all of TV and all of newspapers and all of the elite universities on your side. I imagine that’s why the parasitic occupations attract all the parasites. Caterpillars on the branches of the true-human mind.

Homo Sapiens Liberal Homoitis (June 17)

  •       Barack Obama probably finds Trudeau’s hair more wavy and attractive than his own wife’s nappy piece of carpeting. “How do you do it?” he exclaims. “Easy,” Trudeau says. “Canada’s health care system offers free liposuction to everyone, newcomers and citizens alike. 60-year-old Syrian men with guts are vacuum-sucked, the remains packaged and they’re sent to my office on Parliament Hill. I gel it carefully into my hair, stroke several hundred times with a fine black comb given to me by grateful Haitian refugees, and then I kiss myself in the mirror.” Then Maricon exploded in orgasm upon hearing this.

Dream Warriors (June 17)

  •       Left-wing foot soldiers who would fight against right-wing militants would have to descend into a messy, gory, steaming pile of shit they don’t want to engage in. Today I was in the Farmer’s Market where I live — a warren of little kiosks on a concrete cracked floor — and I was struck by the liberal culture of the place. Those liberals — who value their natural foods so much they’re willing to go out of their way far from the convenient supermarket — are not keen to step in intestines. In order to fight, they would have to get dirty, they would have to have their toys broken, they would have to see their cars shot up and spiderwebbed with bullets — their kids dead in ambushes — their Martha’s Vineyards and Palm Beaches bloodied. They would rather surrender than face this reality, this war of attrition. Believe it.

Rebels Without An Insurance Policy (June 17)

  •       It is instructive to think back to left-wing protesters during the Sixties. The Kent State shootings shocked them so much that it was memorialized. Yes, it galvanized them, but if there had been three more shootings like Kent, guar-awn-teed (Louisiana accent of Huey Long kingpin) the liberals would have started nervously looking over their shoulders during marches and some would have stopped attending entirely. For your historical consideration, remember how the mob reacted — so strong, taking to the streets, demanding their Way — when Napoleon chopped his hand down for the “whiff of grapeshot.” Consider.

Bugs (June 17)

  •       The difference between a virus and a bacterium is not commonly understood. Bacteria are living organisms that operate like amoeba. A virus is a half-dead twilight creature that hijacks cell machinery to form duplicates of itself. In politics today, the Republicans are bacteria and the Democrats are viruses. The Republicans will work you to death in their businesses, but they are in some sense like you. The Democrats are completely alien creatures from the void whose values are not shared by the majority of the populace they mindwipe. I would be amused to see a modern plague today, and how the two parties would react to them. Reagan’s indifference to AIDS was certainly one approach.

Sing To Me, Sirens Of The Deep, Of Your Left-Wing Ideology! (June 19)

  •       It is impossible for the Lefts to support the traditional Western religions because that’s a ship they’ve abandoned to list in the waters. Once you abandon ship, you cannot return. Law of the ocean. The new ship of the Left is still waiting to be formed, an equalist religion that would give them prime place in the Narrative, elevating them to the high priests they so dearly wish to be, while offering the Right a TIIIINNNY doorway to scamper through so they can maintain their “everyone is …” whatever they say everyone is.

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