Hi there, I'm 6'1" white male Xtrabeing, welcome to the Fleshpots. Please don't be offended, but I like myself rather a lot. When stranger-girls shout out they want to have your baby to you, it tends to affect the ole ego a tad. 400 xwatchers come here daily and you're 1.



(A) Blondes under the age of 23 with the biggest possible knockers you can hold in your hands. *dryly* These are not exactly frequent on the social landscape, and are kinda contested for.

(B) Non-white girls. Nothing beats variety, and a little negro and chink pussy-slits for their weird cultural habits (aggressive “tsch-mouth clicking” Caribbean jungle bunnies and screwy hee-hee-hee Oriental inanities) make for an interesting change of affairs. But only as a minority dish on the buffet of titties and rarely if ever for breeding. Not a priority.


If you’re a cute or hot chick (I like both) who’d like to join my sex group and doesn’t demand love, please e-mail me at with some pics of you containing my name written on a handwritten sign in black marker.

Otherwise, if  you’re a reasonably interesting guy, drop me a line at same. We’ll talk.

If you just have questions for me, on the topics I write about (what I think about the odds of a coming apocalypse, for example, or whether cats are better than dogs), or about me, or anything really, send Viewer Mail to the email addy. You may see your questions, and my reply, immortalized on the station. Thanx and enjoy your masturbation today.


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