Hi there, I'm 6'1" white male Xtrabeing, welcome to the Fleshpots. Please don't be offended, but I like myself rather a lot. When stranger-girls shout out they want to have your baby to you, it tends to affect the ole ego a tad. 400 xwatchers come here daily and you're 1.


  • This is the complete list of all published works on the
  • Warp Station website on the farthest reaches of the internet.
  • I, Xwarper, welcome you to it. Each piece written is divided
  • into musical categories, starting with kaastlytrust (“costly trust”,
  • aa=aw) and ending with kydjenius. Within each subsection
  • are alphabetically sorted entries, with a synopsis for each.
  • You can click on the hyperlink to go after reading for date,
  • year, video name, and title, and description. Burn thru it, baby!

kaastlytrust” Sonecdomain

Otherwise known as love ballads, rhythmic chants to the night where the heart lives, and designed to stir tears and sensitivities you never knew existed.

  • YEAR: 2017  DATE: JUN 02
  • This romantic/sadistic tryst is portrayed in all its cruelty,
  • ferociousness, and Xwarper deviousness for all to see. Note
  • for the faint-hearted.
  • :
  • :
  • :

“kabsexing” Sonecdomain

Pure erotica. Grunts, groaning, calls to take her/his hand, insistences that cannot be denied. Welcome to the nightmare of the flesh.

  • YEAR: 2017  DATE: JUN 09
  • This xxxx
  • xxx
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“keltikshout” Sonecdomain

A hammering at the door to be let in, a shark circling remorselessly, a cry circling louder and louder to the sky like a hawk — finally to explode in the sun.




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